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BMC aligns with best-in-class independent Operators that are looking to grow or
turn around performance

Why Work With Us

Our team has a large network to source expertise from. Value proposition of the underlying strategy is to work with operators that have high probabilities of growth. Given the expertise BMC has, it can leverage this to make operators ready for investment and possibly an eventual sale or JV. BMC serves a small business niche filling the gap between successful entrepreneurs and institutional capital.





What to Expect?

We provide an array of solutions to suit your needs.

Private Equity Capital

Private Debt Facilities

Strategic Exit Strategies


Acting like an outsourced Chief Investment Officer, this role is for the benefit of internal and external stakeholders. Working in conjunction with the CEO, CFO and other departments, the BMC team will play point with all debt and Equity raises and report to the board with opportunities to maximize company capital and resources. In addition, it may lead 3 Initiatives:

Spearheading all capital raises, whether debt or equity for the company, its properties, equipment and other needs. This includes interfacing with investors, investment banks and lenders.
Proactively executing on projects or opportunities for the Founders, Board members of executives. This may deal with tasks related to the daily running of the business or new lines of business.
Activities include underwriting and researching future opportunities as Operator becomes more visible and acquisition, mergers, VC and strategic partnerships show themselves.

About our Team


MBA - Private Equity + VC
His background is in Private Equity, having owned multiple businesses and being the CEO of their portfolio holdings. He has been a strategic advisor to large Board of Directors and Founders to raise growth capital, create solutions and execute on long term plans. The value he creates has been foundational in all his roles.


EMBA - Public Markets + Hedge Funds
He manages the capital raise efforts and investor relations. He has built out a successful consulting career in corporate banking working on interdepartmental efficiencies and providing wealth management services to HNWIs.


MRED - Private Equity + Credit
He manages the packaging of investments and Private Debt placements. A prior CIO for a family office, investor, and operator with backgrounds in forming Funds, starting companies and raising capital.

Let's work together.

We are looking to work with operators that have high probabilities of growth. 

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